Training course on biogas technology kicks off in Amman

A five-day training course kicked of Sunday in Amman, featuring biogas technology and tackles means of the “design, construction and operation of biogas plants”.


The training course, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration by the Royal Scientific Society / National Energy Research Center, comes as part of the Biogas Pilot Program, which aims at improving rural livelihoods through the integrated use of treated solid waste and wastewater to produce renewable energy and fertilizers in Mafraq governorate.


A statement by the FAO indicated that the European Union-funded course is designed to build the capabilities of 25 students from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, on biogas technology and how to ensure the successful implementation of bioenergy projects.


“One-third of the food produced for human consumption, estimated at 1.3 billion tons, is lost or wasted every year,” FAO representative, Talal Al Fayez, said, noting that such waste leads to the loss of contributing resources like water, seeds, fertilizers and fodder, along with money and work, and gives rise to having more waste that negatively impact the environment.


The training course will focus on renewable energy in Jordan and bioenergy technologies, in addition to biogas plants and their design and safety phases.


Source: Jordan News Agency