TIGER-1 Drill Ship Second Sea Trial Success

CHENGDU, China, Jan. 4, 2016 / PRNewswire — On 29th December, 2015, TIGER-1 drill ship successfully completed the 12-day second sea trial. The trial was focused on the mooring system and drilling system integrated acceptance test. The drilling package designed and manufactured by Honghua Group (HH) successfully passed the test with a satisfactory result.

TIGER-1 is the first intelligent drilling ship which has completely independent intellectual property rights in China. Drilling equipment designed and manufactured by HH was proved to be reliable for all functions in the sea trial. The ship owner spoke highly of the successful trial and the “excellent” HH-TIGER project team on board.

The “TIGER” drilling package developed by HH is the first deep water floating drilling package designed and manufactured in China. With a drilling depth of 30,000 feet, it has an unparalleled edge in the drillship market with an operating water depth of 3000-5000 feet. This drilling package is a middle-to-high end configuration in the offshore engineering equipment manufacturing sector, owns mainstream functions of the international deep water drilling packages and completely independent intellectual property rights. The “TIGER” drilling package fills up at least 14 technological vacancies in the field of China.

It is the first time that a large number of new technologies independently developed by HH had been applied to offshore floating drilling platform, in China. The core equipment of the entire drilling package developed by HH has obtained Product Design Acceptance of ABS-CDS.

The successful drilling system test had been fully recognized and highly commended by the drillship owner and partners. Over the last 5 years the HH team has earned the trust from partners. Now, the HH team has started follow-up work to ensure TIGER-1 honors the agreement.

About HH

HH is one of the largest land drilling equipment manufacturers in the world, which is primarily engaged in manufacturing conventional land drilling rigs, digital drilling rigs, accessories of drilling rigs, as well as the parts and components for the drilling rigs or for the maintenance of the drilling rigs in operation. Based on the existing solid foundation, HH will implement a business diversification strategy, and expand to become the integrated enterprise which is involved in the interaction development of three major sectors, including onshore and offshore areas, equipment manufacturing and oil and gas resources development, as well as engineering services.

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