The King Of Jordan Pledges Before The European Parliament Not To Abandon The Iraqi People

Amman, Jordanian King Abdullah II pledged in a speech to the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg today, personally not to abandon the Iraqi people, saying “I will not abandon our brothers and sisters there.”

The Jordanian monarch said: Iraq has 12% of the world’s oil reserves. But, more importantly, Iraq is home to more than 40 million people, who have suffered four decades of war, sanctions, occupation, sectarian conflict, and ISIS terrorism …. Today, their future is based on fragile peace. “

King Abdullah II warned of “all-out war” and “untold chaos” in the Middle East in the event of a confrontation between the United States and Iran.

The Jordanian king said: “Now, let us move to what is happening today, and to the recent confrontation between the United States and Iran, what if, next time, neither side has moved away from the edge of the abyss, causing us all to slide towards an indescribable chaos, towards an all-out war that threatens stability of the entire region, threatening to cause massive turbulence in the entire global economy, including markets, and threatening the re-emergence of terrorism throughout the world.

King Abdullah added, “Let me ask you another hypothetical question: What if Iraq fails to fulfill the aspirations of its people and invest in its potentials, and slides again into a vicious circle of seventeen years of recovery and then relapse, or worse, to the conflict situation.

He continued “And what if Syria remains hostage to conflicts between world powers and slips back into civil strife? What if we witness the return of ISIS, and Syria becomes a springboard for attacks against the rest of the world?”

He said, “Syria may be out of the media coverage, and its suffering is out of mind, but during the past nine months the crisis has not ended, more than half a million people have been displaced, many of whom are already refugees.

The Jordanian monarch asked “Does any of us in this hall want to witness a new Syrian refugee crisis, with all its horror and tragedy? Or to see another innocent child being thrown by the sea on your shores?”

He said, “Let me ask you: What if Libya collapsed towards an all-out war, eventually becoming a failed state? What if Libya becomes a new Syria, but this time it is closer to your continent?”

He stressed that “these questions are not just a futile or theoretical exercise, especially in my region, where the worst assumptions are not a theoretical luxury, but rather are closer to touching our reality in many cases.

Also, what is happening in the Middle East has an impact on every place around the world. “he made it clear.

The Jordanian monarch continued, “Let us make contemplation of these hypothetical questions a fruitful exercise, enabling us to anticipate the occurrence of countless tragedies and protect our peoples in their march towards the future.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency