The IMF did not ask reconsidering salaries: says finance minister

Amman, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ezzedin Kanakriyah, on Monday denied some media reports about the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) request to reconsider salaries and Social Security Corporation’s (SSC) pensions.

Kanakriyah said the meeting, which was held on Sunday with the Lower House’s Finance Committee, dealt with the financial situation in the first quarter of 2019, which showed a decline in some revenue items, citing several factors, including tax and customs evasion of some goods, such as tobacco and the economic situation during the last period.

There are several positive indicators for optimism, including increased exports, and tourism growth, the minister pointed out.

Still, the minister said: “There are challenges that have affected revenues as a result of the change in consumer trends, switching to the use of electric and hybrid cars, the use of e-cigarettes, and electronic commerce has become a reality, which have to dealt with in a way that does not affect the decline in domestic revenues.

Source: Jordan News Agency