Tarawneh calls for a meeting with the government and the unionists next Saturday

Amman, Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Atef Tarawneh called on Prime Minister Hani Mulki and Chairman of the Council of Unions Ali Al-Abous to meet on Saturday at the House headquarters.

Tarawneh said in a statement to the Jordanian News Agency (Petra) the invitation comes from the House’s belief on the importance of giving priority to dialogue in various national issues, especially on legislations.

He noted the amendments on the tax law are now under the jurisdiction of the House, and said it is significant to hold dialogue with all parties to reach a common ground that meets aspirations and interests of the Jordanian citizen in the first place.

Tarawneh said the House is resolved to conduct a comprehensive review of the amendments to the tax law, and affirmed some articles shouldn’t be endorsed as they were sent from the government, and some will necessarily be rescinded, especially those affecting the middle and low income classes.

This policy is simultaneous with the importance of working to impose tough penalties on tax evaders, he pointed out, and stressed the House is the master of his decision in case the amendments are endorsed at its special session.

He affirmed the council of unions’ strike of their employees demonstrates “a great national sense” and displays national responsibility, stressing their demands will be at the core of the House priorities if the tax law is endorsed in the special session.

Source: Jordan News Agency