Sudan military suspend talks with protesters for 72 hours

Amman, Sudan’s Head of Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced the suspension of the negotiations with the Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF) in the wake of shootings after Sudanese forces tried to remove demonstrators from central Khartoum.

In a statement broadcast by Sudan’s state-run news agency(SUNA) on Thursday, Burhan said the TMC is suspending talks with protesters for 72 hours after they broke a deal on de-escalation.

The council head also said that the TMC has decided to remove all barricades in central Khartoum placed by protesters beyond a designated sit-in zone outside the Defense Ministry.

The statement came after the shootings that broke out Wednesday evening in the vicinity of sit-ins demonstrators before the General Command of the army, and two days after the killing of six people in the same area as a result of shooting from unknown gunmen.

Weeks of street protests that precipitated the end of Bashir’s 30-year rule on April 11 have continued as the opposition demands that the military hand over power to civilians.

Source: Jordan News Agency