SSC issues verdicts on terror crimes cases

Amman, The State Security Court (SSC), presided over by military judge Colonel Mohammed al-Afif, issued rulings on a number of terrorism-related cases.

In a public hearing on Wednesday, the SSC sentenced a defendant, who tried to join terror Dae’sh in Afghanistan en route Iran, to six years of temporary labor. The court charged him with promoting the ideology of a terrorist group and attempting to join terrorist organizations and armed groups.

In another verdict, the SSC sentenced two defendants to 10 years of temporary labor after the court found that they planned to carry out a military operation on the Jordanian border with the West Bank using a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pistol to kill Israeli soldiers on the border.

The court also handed down various sentences to defendants, who promoted ideology of the terror Dae’sh group, as some tried to join the organization by communicating with its affiliated members online.

Source: Jordan News Agency