SSC issues final verdicts in Karak terror attack

Amman, The State Security Court (SSC) on Tuesday issued the verdicts in the case of 11 defendants involved in the December 2016 terrorist attacks in the southern Governorate of Karak.

In a public session, presided over by judge Col. Mohammad Afif, the court gave two defendants life sentences in prison with hard labor and three defendants were sentenced to 15-year prison terms with hard labor, including one who is still at large.

The court also handed down three-year jail terms with temporary hard labor and fines against five defendants, while one was acquitted of all charges.

The defendants faced charges of plotting to carry out subversive acts, manufacture of explosives, possession of firearms and ammunitions, knowingly funding terrorist acts, promoting the ideology of a terror group and attempting to join terrorist groups, among other charges.

The attack had caused the death of 12 people, including members of security forces, citizens and a Canadian tourist, and injured 34 other people.

A day after the attack, Public security and gendarmerie forced carried out a security operation in Karak in which five terrorists were killed.

Source: Jordan News Agency