Settlers steal olives, break tree branches in Nablus

Ramallah, A group of Jewish settlers on Sunday stole quantities of olives and broke branches of trees in a Palestinian-owned land located inside the Itamar settlement, southeast of the West Bank city of Nablus.

Palestinian sources said that Palestinian citizens were able to enter their land outside the fence of the settlement after obtaining necessary permits, but when arrived, they were startled to find that their olives were stolen and the branches of their trees were provocatively broken by the settlers.

The Israeli occupation authorities allow farmers to harvest olives from the lands outside the fence of the settlement for five days in October, and two days in November, while they are allowed to harvest olives from the lands inside the settlement fence for one day only.

A weekly report of PLO’s national office for the defense of land and resistance reads that Jewish settlers turn Palestinian villages into a hotbed of confrontation during the olive harvest season.

Source: Jordan News Agency