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Security forces exercise maximum restraint with protests, Security Chiefs say | Middle East News Releases

Security forces exercise maximum restraint with protests, Security Chiefs say

Directors General of the Public Security Department (PSD) and the Gendarmerie Forces, Maj. Gen. Fadel Al-Hamoud and Maj. Gen. Hussein Hawatmeh, said on Monday that their security services are dealing with utmost restraint with the protests taking place across the Kingdom.

They also told reporters at a joint press conference at the PSD that 42 security personnel were injured by shots or fireworks and 60 people were arrested for breaking the law, including eight from Arab nationalities, since the protests began on Thursday. They said firearms were used against security men and white weapons were seized with some protesters.

The security chiefs said Jordan is a secure and stable country, and that the security agencies will not hesitate to defend the country and preserve the security and safety of the citizens and public property.

The security chiefs said that their agencies are strong and capable of defending the country and confront any internal or external attempt to undermine national security.

The protection of peaceful demonstrators throughout the Kingdom, under royal directives, is the aim of security agencies, the security chief said, but vowed that security forces will not hesitate to use the proper force with saboteurs and anyone attempting to tamper with public and private property or assault the police.

Hamoud and Hawatmeh stressed the need to maintain the peacefulness of protests and not to breach the law by perpetrating acts of sabotage.

The security chiefs vowed to deal firmly, in accordance with the law, with any attempt to break the law or carry out acts of sabotage, closure of roads or assaults on public and private property or attack police.

Security services’ presence at the sit-ins and protests is to protect citizens, be them protesters or others, they said, noting that security forces are making exceptional efforts in dealing with the protests, and that their professionalism had enabled them to contain the protesters and protect all expressions of opinion.

They said all orders given in the field are to deal with all peaceful protests and rallies in accordance with the law, unless they lose their peacefulness, stressing that security forces are acting within an integrated security plan according to the developments on the ground and whether protests will become against the law.

The PSD and Gendarmerie chiefs denied there were “hot spots” or areas outside the authority of security forces, adding that their agencies can deal with any forms of protests.

Hamoud said that the illegal protests that took place over the past four days took the form of road closures with vehicles, burning tires, rocks and other barricades.

The PSD chief also said that the police prosecutor is investigating a complaint from a woman that she was assaulted by the police during the protests, noting that some injuries among the protesters were caused by stampedes.

The heads of the security agencies called on the public to place the national interest above any other considerations and maintain national security and stability and peacefully express their demands without resorting to vandalism or sabotage.

Source: Jordan News Agency