Scrapped Income Tax bill “non-negotiable”, says deputy premier

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Rajai Muasher Thursday said the draft Income Tax law which the government withdrew from the Lower House is “non-negotiable”.

“The government would carefully examine and take into account remarks of the economic actors when formulating the new draft Income Tax bill in order to reach an acceptable formula on the issue”, the deputy premier told a dialogue organized by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

He said economic actors’ comments would be the focus of the government to reach a consensus on the draft bill.

The deputy premier added that His Majesty King Abdullah II wanted the government and all other shareholders to launch a rational dialogue, with a view to reaching a national consensus on the tax law endeavoring to bring about growth and justice.

Further, he pointed out that the government awaits submitting its policy statement to the Lower House during the extraordinary session on its economic plan and work in the next phase.

Following winning the Lower House’s confidence, Muasher said, the government will hold meetings with the private sector actors to consult on essential economic reforms pursuing the march of growth.

Jordan, he said, faces financial difficulties forcing the government to borrow in order to pay for salaries as current expenditures exceed domestic revenues creating fiscal deficit, which is annually plugged through borrowing that is “unnatural” for any state.

A dialogue is the only way towards consensus on various issues facing the Kingdom, said Muasher, adding that “new social contract” referred to by the government would involve citizens so as both sides know their rights and duties.

Source: Jordan News Agency