Saudi ambassador hosts meeting in presence of state minister for media affairs

Amman Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Prince Khaled Bin Faisal Bin Turki Al Saud hosted a meeting in his residence yesterday in the presence of State Minister for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani, a number of ambassadors and officials as well as media and academic figures.

The ambassador spoke about the distinguished relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, developments in the region, mainly the Palestinian issue as well as Iran’s interference in a number of Arab countries’ affairs.

Momani described Jordanian-Saudi ties as historical, brotherly and distinguished at all levels thanks to the efforts of the leaderships of both countries.

He said our common values and history, future and common challenges require us to continue joint efforts to address threats facing our nation.

The minister highlighted the centrality of the Palestinian issue, noting that peace is a strategic option for all Arabs and this was emphasized during Arab summits.

Momani voiced Jordan’s rejection of Iran’s interference in Arab countries and attempts to destabilize them, adding that Iran should abide by good neighborhood principles.

He said Jordan is facing major economic challenges, adding that the Kingdom has managed to overcome bigger and more dangerous challenges.

Momani voiced Jordan’s appreciation of the support provided by Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states to the Kingdom.

The Saudi ambassador stressed his country’s keenness to support Jordan within the historic and brotherly ties between the two countries.

He said the Hashemite custodianship of the holy sites in Jerusalem is a sovereign Jordanian decision and that Saudi Arabia has no objection to the Hashemite custodianship of the holy places in Jerusalem, adding that this was affirmed by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference. Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Matar Al Shamsi voiced appreciation of Jordan’s role, adding that UAE investments in the Kingdom exceed $16 billion while Jordanian capital in the UAE constitutes 17 percent of the total of foreign investments.

Source: Jordan News Agency