Safadi meets Chinese envoy to Syria…1st, final add

The foreign minister urged the international community to provide the necessary support to the refugees and to Jordan, which is hosting 1.3 million Syrians, and which has provided them with all possible care despite the Kingdom’s difficult economic conditions.

Safadi affirmed that Jordan will not shoulder any responsibility for the Rukban camp of the displaced Syrians as its inhabitants are Syrian citizens on Syrian soil.

He said: Jordan has played its humanitarian role towards the Rukban’s dwellers when the possibility of delivering aid to them from the Syrian territories was not accessible, while now the conditions for the aid delivery from inside Syria is available.

On the same context, Safadi said the solution of the issue of the Rukban camp lies in the return of its inhabitants to their towns and regions from which they came from.

Safadi and Xiaoyan stressed the importance of the development the Jordanian-Chinese relations are witnessing and the two countries’ keenness to increase cooperation in all fields, especially in economic and tourism spheres.

The Chinese envoy appreciated the Kingdom’s great humanitarian role towards the refugees.

Source: Jordan News Agency