Russian MoD: All conditions created for normal work on Bravo line

Amman, The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday that all conditions for the normal work of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) have been created on the Syrian side of the DMZ between Syria and Israel in the Golan Heights.

According to Sputnik news, Chief of the Ministry’s directorate of military police, Lt. Gen. Vladimir Ivanovsky, told reporters, that “we are now in the Golan Heights area on the Bravo line, the eastern Syrian side, where six observation posts have been set up since the end of last year.

“The posts monitor the situation in the demilitarized zone, as well as the ceasefire between Syria and Israel, he said adding that today we arrived at the first post that has been fully equipped over the past three months.”

“As for today, we have created all the conditions so that UNDOF could set up their posts and start fully perform their tasks on the Bravo line that were performed until 2013,” he added.

In October 2018, Russian military police, and for the first time, carried out a joint patrol with UN peacekeepers in the area.

Source: Jordan News Agency