Russia, Jordan are reliable partners, ambassador says …..1st add

On the cultural cooperation, Desiatnikov stressed the two countries have a joint interest in developing and boosting cultural ties as well as dialogue between various mutual organizations and unions. The envoy expressed grateful to the Jordanian assistance in opening a mission of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society in Amman in January 2019, particularly in light of the increasing number of pilgrims from Russia, who visit the holy sites of Jordan every year.

“According to our rough calculations there are about 7 thousand people in the Kingdom, who are mainly family members of mixed marriages, he said.

“I am glad to mention that the Russian community in Jordan is very well organized and interconnected”, the ambassador stated. The Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots of Jordan is an umbrella structure that unites all Russian clubs and various societies,” he explained.

Answering a question about the ” Deal of the century”, the ambassador stated ” we are obviously very concerned about the counterproductive US attempts to invent in the so-called “Deal,” stressing “we are confident that it is a path leading nowhere because a just, stable and comprehensive peace in the region is impossible unless it is based on the internationally recognized two-state solution to the Palestinian problem.”

He stressed Russia’s position toward the Palestinian issue saying “as for Jerusalem our position is crystal-clear: we stand by the international framework that stipulates the two-state solution, the creation of the independent Palestinian State within the 1967 frontiers and with East Jerusalem as its capital “.

The ambassador also called for concreting parameters of a solution for the entire range of issues regarding the status of Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, that should be coordinated at the direct talks between the parties concerned.

He also considered the US president’s decision to declare the Golan Heights as part of Israel a massive blow to the whole foundation of the potential solution to this issue, affirming that the Golan Heights were and will remain an occupied sovereign territory of the Syrian Arab Republic by all relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Source: Jordan News Agency