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We are very keen on strengthening our economic ties to their full potential, including through a more dynamic, pragmatic and pro-active approach. One of the goals of my presence here is to create positive prerequisites for boosting trade between our countries and for encouraging mutual investments. It also comes in support of the Romanian Government`s vision on the importance of the economic diplomacy. All considered, I believe we must find effective ways to make better use of the current potential – our expertise, workforce and available capital – and embark on more ambitious cooperation projects.


I have gladly noted that the volume of our economic trade has grown in the past year, despite the pandemic context. Thus, in 2020, bilateral trade reached 292.444 million USD, increasing by 16.26% compared to the 2019 level (of which 285.302 million USD Romanian exports and 7.142 million USD Jordanian imports). Romania ranks 11th in terms of exporting countries in the Kingdom and 3rd in the top of EU members.


Yet, we consider that the current exchanges between our countries do not reflect our economies’ full potential. Romanian and Jordanian companies should continue to explore new ways and areas of cooperation and expand their presence on our markets. The Romanian market, for instance, provides multiple advantages, including a favorable geographical position, which offers easy access to the main European and regional markets.


In addition, the Romanian Government attaches particular attention to enhancing economic relations in the fields of agriculture, IT&C, tourism, medical field, energy sector, constructions and telecommunications. At the same time, Romania is ready to put its comprehensive expertise in the area of energy at the disposal of interested stakeholders. One example: as previous developers of the Jordanian national electric grid, Romanian companies are interested in further participating to its development.


In terms of plans for the future, in order to increase economic exchanges, we intend to engage the private sector more actively and increase the number of promotional activities focused on the Jordanian business audiences. On the short term, we will continue to support and facilitate an increased role of the two business communities, more direct bilateral contacts, exchanges of business opportunities and investment projects. Nowadays, online platforms can facilitate exploratory contacts between our business communities and, once the epidemiological conditions allow, the terrain is already prepared for results.


I would also like to point out that Romania could become a constant source of goods and services for Jordan. Our offer covers diverse areas, from special equipment dedicated to the energy field, electronic parts, construction materials, various machine-tools, various types of vehicles, plastic products, glass and ceramic products, to articles made from wood and furniture, textiles or food products.


I am confident that all my meetings in Amman will give a new impetus to our bilateral economic relations. As I have mentioned before, the potential for economic cooperation is significant, and it has only been partly capitalized so far.


Moreover, the long-lasting tradition that we share in bilateral trade, industrial cooperation and training of specialists is also on our side. I am confident that we will take advantage of all these opportunities for encouraging our business communities to take a step forward, be creative and engage in a lucrative bilateral cooperation.


  1. What about cultural and educational cooperation?


Romania and the Kingdom have long-standing relations in the fields of culture, education and people-to-people contacts. I have already referred to the 13,000 Jordanians who studied in Romania so far, and they represent a solid and valuable link between our countries. We are committed to further implement the Intergovernmental Program of Cooperation in the fields of education and culture, signed in 2019, that provides a legal basis for our bilateral scholarships program.


There is also an encouraging trend in our educational exchanges in the recent years. Since 2019, almost 900 Jordanians enrolled to study in Romanian universities. Romania is currently offering 30 scholarships for Jordanian students each year. There is also potential for further developing our bilateral relation in the field of academic mobility under the EU Erasmus+ umbrella, whose future perspectives in the new EU Multiannual Financial Framework are very promising.


Source: Jordan News Agency