Razzaz presents government policy statement 6th LD

Addressing the lawmakers, the prime minister said that within 100 days of its formation, the government undertakes the following: 1. Reduce expenditures by 151 million dinars, as a government contribution to bear the economic burden through public spending controls.

2. Start a dialogue on the income tax bill.

3. Form a technical committee to study the overall tax burden and conduct a comprehensive review of the tax system to ensure fairness.

4. Publish the pricing mechanism of oil derivatives and components with due transparency and clarity.

5. Examine amendments to the civil service system and come up with proposals and recommendations to meet the development goals of human resources, ensure an effective public sector performance and measure job performance.

6. Put in place a specific mechanism for the treatment of cancer patients, that transcends bureaucratic practices and accelerates the process of treatment. The mechanism has already been approved and announced.

7. Revisit the article in the civil retirement law on ministers’ pension, and revalidate the decision to reduce the salaries of ministers by 10%.

8. Launch a comprehensive study to amalgamate a number of ministries, departments and independent entities to streamline performance and control spending.

9. Endorse the private school system with curbs on rising fees and a national classification for these schools where the rights of teachers through electronic payment of salaries.

10. Launch a governmental electronic platform for citizens to communicate with the government, interact and express their thoughts and opinions about their issues.

11. Endorse two codes of conduct for ministers and government officials that ensure good performance and an interest in the general good.

12. Follow-up on the referral of corruption cases filed by the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission to the Public Prosecution and re-evaluate the integrity and transparency system legislation, including the illicit fortune law, the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission Law, the Audit Bureau Law and the Right to Access Information Act.

13. Present a clear plan, with a timetable, to improve services in the health, education, transport and water sectors.

14. Carry out the national human resources development strategy and set a specific timetable for implementation, which will be published to the public clearly.

15. Accelerate the partnership between the public and private sectors to carry out many projects, a task that requires the speedy completion of economic feasibility studies to be presented to potential investors in a transparent fashion.

16. Reduce the special tax on Hybrid cars, and the special tax on weight on all types of vehicles.

Razzaz told the lawmakers that the government had already delivered on some of these tasks in fulfillment of the pledges it has made in its first day in office.

If it wins the confidence of the House, he promised, the government will come up with detailed plans to translate the policy statement into action, according to set timelines and clear measurement criteria that will be passed to the legislature.

Source: Jordan News Agency