Razzaz presents government policy statement 5th LD

Razzaz said that Jordan believs that the Palestinian issues is the crux of the conflict in the Middle East, and that the region will not enjoy security and stability without finding a just and comprehensive solution that guarantees the Palestinian people’s right to set up their independent and viable state along the June 4, 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital in line with international legitimacy resolutions and the two-state solution.

In this context, he said, his cabinet is committed to pursuing political, diplomatic and legal steps and enhancing the foreign policy efforts led by His Majesty the King, to support the Palestinian cause, lift the injustice and reinstate justice for the brotherly Palestinian people.

The government, he said, underlines Jordan’s firm and unwavering position towards Jerusalem, and rejects all unilateral decisions and actions to undermine the Arab identity of the holy city and its sanctity. Jerusalem is an occupied city under international legitimacy resolutions and the international law, and that any tampering with the status quo in the city is a provocation of the feelings of Muslims and Christians across the world, he added.

The premier pledged his government will continue efforts to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Islamic and Christian sanctuaries in Jerusalem, under the historic Hashemite custodianship and the vision of His Majesty, which always affirms that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is entirely an endowment of Muslims alone and cannot be partitioned, shared or negotiated on.

The government, he pledged, will strictly toe the Jordanian foreign policy line, upholding the national, humanitarian and pan-Arab constants of the Jordanian state and supporting all Arab causes and legitimate rights, and will continue to promote global security, stability and peace.

Razzaz said the Jordan Arab Forces- Arab Army, and security services have tirelessly labored over the past years to preserve national security and stability in view of the regional challenges surrounding the country, and have become a model of discipline and professionalism.

As the challenges persist, he said, the government commits to provide full support and care to the military and security institutions to keep them at the highest levels of readiness and preparedness to ensure the security and stability of the country and the safety of its citizens and those residing on its land.

He recalled and saluted the martyrs who paid the ultimate price in defence of the country and the Arab nation, adding: “We pay tribute to all members of our armed forces and security forces, both serving and retired servicemen, for their great sacrifices in the fields of honor and heroism, which will live on.” The prime minister also commended Jordanians, who embodied the values of true belonging and endured the hardships and burdens and stood in support of the armed forces and security forces to safeguard the country’s security and stability. He also thanked Arab and friendly world countries that stood by Jordan to bear a huge burden as a result of the regional conditions, mainly taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees over the past years.

Source: Jordan News Agency