Razzaz, ambassadors of G7 discuss economic challenges

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday met the ambassadors of the Group of Seven (G7) and representatives of international donor organizations and reviewed Jordan’s efforts in the field of economic reforms.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, the Prime Minister outlined the economic challenges that Jordan faced over the past years, pointing out that foreign crises cost Jordan around $17 billion, including the global financial crisis, decline of investments, border closure and the disruption of Egyptian gas .

He also underlined the measures taken by the government to address the budget deficit and the rise in public debt, pointing out that such measures aim to put Jordan on the right economic path and turn the challenges into opportunities.

On the income tax draft law, the Prime Minister pointed out that the government has studied the tax burden on Jordanians, which constitutes 26 percent of the GDP, noting that the burden is not balanced between direct and indirect taxes, as the taxes are similar to most categories and do not distinguish between the poor, the rich and the middle class citizens.

The ambassadors expressed commitment to support Jordan to face economic challenges, expressing confidence in the ability of the Jordanian economy to face economic hardships.

They also affirmed their support for Jordan’s reform process in all fields.

The G7 includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Source: Jordan News Agency