Public Security Chief urges expansion in security service

Public Security Department (PSD) Director General Maj. Gen. Fadel Hmoud called for further achievements in the security agency through upgrading performance, expanding police and societal services and keeping pace with the advancement in police work to achieve quality service.

During a tour of PSD centers in Amman, Hmoud urged officers to “continually promote a positive mutual relationship between the policeman and the citizen as a key pillar of police work, and to open channels with the public in a security strategy with society that starts from the police station to learn about their needs and demands and work to find solutions to their problems and negative social behaviours.” He called for a robust role by local councils as the main link between the public and police centers across the Kingdom, while involving the youth in the kind of activities that promote a sense of security awareness and galvanize them as actors and partners.

Source: Jordan News Agency