Prime Ministry follows up on 2018 Dead Sea flash floods accident

Amman, The Prime Ministry on Monday said it had contacted concerned ministries to follow up on measures taken in relation to two reports published following the October 2018 flash floods at the Dead Sea region, where 21 people died.

Secretary General of the Prime Ministry, Sami Dawood, said that the ministries’ replies will be discussed during the upcoming meeting of the Service Committee which will forward its recommendations to the Prime Minister no later than next Monday, stressing that a number of procedures are already underway.

The Premier has already addressed the Minister of Municipality Affairs and the Minister of the Minister of Public Works and Housing to provide the Prime Ministry with the measures that each Minister has taken regarding issues and recommendations cited in both reports.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will issue regulations to regulate adventure tourism. The proposed regulations will set specific criteria for tourist guides and agencies working in the adventure tourism domain in addition to amending the travel and tourism agencies and offices’ bylaw.

The Interior Ministry has referred a detailed report regarding measures that it will take. In addition, competent bodies will start working on the infrastructure to prepare a site for a dive center near the Ma’in’s dam bridge; float a tender to purchase rescue boats suited for the Red Sea; and supply the dive center with necessary equipment and recruit 200 divers.

There will also be cooperation with the Jordan Meteorological Department to install a meteorological system in the operation room of the Civil Defense Directorate. Further, the tourism police will be instructed to prevent tourist groups from accessing the flood-vulnerable Wadi Zarqa Ma’in area in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Source: Jordan News Agency