Prime Minister tackles Zarqa cesspit issue

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday said that resolving the issue of what is known as the “Pepsi Pool,” a cesspit in Zarqa governorate, needs a sustainable engineering and environmental solution to treat its root cause.

During a phone call to a local radio station, Razzaz stated that over the years, the populated area surrounding the pool located in Russeifa has witnessed the accumulation of factory waste, which led to the closure of the valley and the prevention of steady water flow, noting the waste has greatly inconvenienced the locals.

It is the government’s obligation to address such issues so that citizens can live in a healthy environment, affirmed the premier.

“We reached out to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to prepare the necessary plans and finance the project to turn the contaminated pool into an ecological park,” he said.

During the phone, Razzaz also touched on the issue of a slaughterhouse in Jerash, which does not meet the requirements for public health and safety, stating that a team is evaluating the situation to come up with a solution.

Source: Jordan News Agency