Police warn against “stirring up public sentiment” over untrue kidnappings

Amman, Public Security Department (PSD) on Sunday warned against “stirring up public sentiments” by propagating false information on disappearances of children or kidnappings of girls.

Police are concerned with responding to “absence from home” reports made by family members and investigating the issue, said PSD’s Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi, adding they also respond to similar reports made on social media platforms.

To elaborate, he said the department has dealt with cases of disappearances and kidnappings, which turned out to be false, as the person involved was at a friend or a kinship, or ran away from home due to family quarrels and the persons concerned did not file an official report.

Sartawi noted police are unsure of the motives behind such inaccurate allegations made on social media from non-family members, stating that it appears to be an attempt to overplay a false and individual case as an alarming phenomenon the Kingdom is witnessing.

“The public to be aware and responsible and refrain from spreading false and misleading information, and to not be driven by emotion to circulate rumors,” he pointed out.

Last Thursday, PSD announced that its personnel dealt with three false reports of kidnappings in just 24 hours.

Source: Jordan News Agency