PM visits Interior, Awqaf Ministries, JIC

Amman, May. Prime Minister, Hani Mulki, on Tuesday, paid visits to Ministries of Interior, and Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), to check firsthand those institutions’ progress of work, plans and programs that are working to implement to improve services provided to citizens and simplify procedures for investors.

The prime minister said the government and all its bodies are committed to guaranteeing the best services to citizens in their areas of residence in all regions of the Kingdom.

Mulki also congratulated King Abdullah and all Jordanians on the occasions of the Holy Month of Ramadan and on the 72nd anniversary of the Kingdom’s Independence Day.

During his visit to the Interior Ministry and meeting with Minister Samir Mubaidin in the presence of ministers and senior ministry officials, Mulki said he visited the ministry to emphasize the administrative rulers’ developmental, social and service role, in addition to their traditional role in maintaining security in their governorates.

He stressed the need to strengthen communication between governors in the field and ministers to follow up on projects implemented by ministries in the governorates and asked to be provided with a periodic report on services provided in each governorate.

He also underlined the importance of making a success out of the decentralization, and activate its role in serving the local communities and promote public participation in the service and development decision-making process.

Mulki said violating the law won’t be tolerated, and the law will be fairly and firmly applied to everyone.

Minister Mubaidin gave a briefing on the ministry’s duties and tasks, and noted that the ministry provides its services efficiently to citizens as well as supporting all state institutions.

During his visit to the Awqaf ministry, the prime minister met with Minister Abdul Nasser Abul-Basal and the ministry’s officials, and checked on arrangements for the next Hajj season.

Mulki stressed the importance of providing Jordanian pilgrims services they deserve during the Hajj season, in terms of housing, accommodation and all services provided by the ministry.

Minister Abul-Basal gave a briefing on the ministry’s work, and said its mission is based on the religious dimension and spreading the tolerant and moderate message of Islam through mosques and the role of the Holy Qur’an.

During his visit to the JIC, the premier checked on the work of the investment window established by the authority to provide investors with facilities and meet their needs.

Minister of State for Investment Affairs and JIC President, Muhannad Shehadeh, said that the authority has worked on activating the investment window and was lately able to shorten the registration and establishment of an investment facility in a period of about 4 days instead of 21 days.

Mulki was briefed on the JIC performance report during the first quarter of 2018, indicating that the value of total investment benefiting from the investment law reached about JD196,8 million compared to JD188.4 million during the same period last year.

The prime minister emphasized on the government’s keenness to attract domestic and foreign investments that contribute to boosting the economy, stimulating growth and creating job opportunities for Jordanians.

Source: Jordan News Agency