PM meets chief editors, TV presenters

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, on Tuesday, met a number of chief editors and TV presenters, as part of his government’s meetings with this key sector.

Razzaz, in the presence of State Minister for Media Affairs Jumana Ghuneimat, said that his government started putting a project plan, under Royal directives, to create a suitable environment that contributes to enhancing our economic independence and supporting political decision in order to face regional challenges.

On income tax draft law, Razzaz said that specific examples of salaries and incomes which are subject to tax will be published, so that there is no confusion among the majority of citizens who will not be affected by the draft law.

He stressed that tax laws in the world are seen as laws of social solidarity rather than collection, where part of the revenues will be allocated to improve public services in health, education and transport.

Source: Jordan News Agency