PM: Gov’t working hand in hand with parliament to achieve national goals

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Wednesday emphasized that his government will continue to work hand in hand with the parliament to achieve national goals and empower Jordanians towards a better future.

Replying to remarks raised by lawmakers in their discussion of the 2020 draft budget law, the prime minister renewed that his government is serious in its anti-graft fight and left no stone unturned on the legislative and procedural tracks. In this context, he referred to amendments introduced to key laws on illicit gain, integrity and anti-corruption, financial disclosure and the independence of supervisory bodies.

Furthermore, Razzaz referred to the pay rise the government has recently added to public servants salaries, saying the increment is the first in 10 years, and that a newly-endorsed civil service law links increments and rewards to performance and lays a clear roadmap for career progression.

The prime minister allayed concerns about “off-budget” spending, assuring that such thing has never happened because the government, according to Razzaz, runs an electronic fiscal system that prevents off-budget spending.

Razzaz denied the existence of any plan to privatize education and healthcare or any other key sector.

“Despite the difficult circumstances that we went through, Jordan was able to advance on the most prominent international indicators during the past year, such as: the Global Competitiveness Index (we advanced to 70th by 3 points), and the Doing Business index (by 29 ranks to 75th after it was in 104) to be among the top three countries in the world for improving the climate for reform and the SDG index,” the prime minister told the lawmakers.

On the national level, Razzaz noted, the value of national exports increased by (8.2%) until October of 2019, the value of imports decreased by (5.5%), the trade deficit decreased by (14%), and tourism income increased by (9.9%).

Following the prime minister’s remarks, the House passed the 2020 draft budget law.

Source: Jordan News Agency