PM continues meeting with parliamentary blocs

Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, on Wednesday continued his meetings with various blocs in the Lower House of Parliament on the policy statement presented Monday by his government seeking the chamber’s confidence.

Razzaz and cabinet members held separate meetings with the parliamentary blocs of Watan, Initiative and Nahda, which include 44 lawmakers. The prime minister is set to conclude these meetings tomorrow with the Reform bloc, and independent MPs.

The prime minister said his government is keen on institutionalizing the relationship between the executive, legislative and regulatory authorities.

He added that the relationship between the executive and legislative authorities must be fully participatory, noting that Jordan is going through “exceptional phase” and all Jordanians are aware of the economic, social and political challenges and regional circumstances.

This phase, Razzaz said, requires extraordinary efforts and all-encompassing work.

He indicated the government looks forward to benefiting from the ideas, proposals and studies presented by the parliamentary blocs and committees.

The premier pointed out that the government will devise a detailed program to implement the themes and priorities stated in the policy statement, calling for judging the ministerial team according to its performance.

As for medical exemptions, the prime minister pointed out that they need to be reconsidered, saying: “we all dream of reaching inclusive health insurance.” He also emphasized the importance of reviewing the tax burden and the need to develop a plan to bridge the gap between increasing revenues and reducing expenses.

He said the civil retirement draft law pertaining to ministers retirement, in addition to setting a higher ceiling for accountability, is an important step towards achieving justice and transparency.

The prime minister also stressed the government’s interest in activating the agricultural sector, supporting it and increasing the proportion of Jordanians working in the sector, which contributes to reducing poverty and unemployment.

As for the media, Razzaz said he believed in the role of the national media, but at the same time all media outlets must be accurate and credible.

On corruption, the premier noted that issues related to corruption and the rule of law was a top priority in the policy statement, stressing that holding those involved in corruption accountable will be a priority.

Source: Jordan News Agency