“Petra” signs News Agencies’ Tolerance Charter in Dubai

Dubai, The Jordan News Agency “Petra” signed the “News Agencies’ Tolerance Charter,” which was announced at the seventh session of the World Government Summit in Dubai.

The charter, which was signed by directors and representatives of news agencies participating in the three-day summit, which kicked off in Dubai on Sunday, stresses the importance of developing media potentials and industry content, which boost tolerance values and render them a higher goal for media


The charter also affirms the importance of the positive impact of tolerance in protecting people from hatred, fanaticism and sectarianism, as well as exploring the future practices that entrench the values of tolerance in all sectors and aspects of life, and highlighting the role of youth in building tolerant societies, enhancing

their participation in decision-making and charting future plans.

Following the signing of the charter, Director General of “Petra,” Dr. Mohammed Omari, pointed to the importance of establishing a common ground between news agencies to promote tolerance concepts, counter hate ideology, promote collective efforts to boost tolerant discourse and highlight the media role in supporting moderate thinking.

Omari said: “Tolerance is a genuine tenet in Jordan, which is embodied by the continued efforts of Jordan’s public and private media institutions to support moderate thinking, reject extremism, promote tolerant ideas and boost the rhetoric of civilized discourse”.

On the charter, he said the tolerance document is in line with the commitment of “Petra” to actively contribute to the World Government Summit, which is an important global platform that promotes the development of institutional policies and focuses on the human dimension and the promotion of tolerance.

Source: Jordan News Agency