Palestinian foreign ministry condemns Israeli plans to confiscate Palestinian lands

Ramallah, Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned a decision by the Israeli finance ministry to grant a license to implement a settlement plan and seize some 139 dunums in Deir Dibwan village, east of Ramallah.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday, that the implementation of the plan is part of measures to expand Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“This decision confirms that the Netanyahu government is continuing to implement its policies and settlement plans, ignoring all international condemnations of these policies and continuing its war to end the two-state solution,” it added.

The ministry called on the international community and international and regional institutions not only to condemn the settlement policy , or merely express their concern about the fate of the two-state solution.

“Israel’s disregard for international positions affirms the need for practical solutions and measures to implement the two-state solution by pressuring Israel as an occupying power to comply with the will of peace, implement Security Council resolution 2334 and end its occupation in compliance with international legitimacy and resolutions,” the statement added.

Source: Jordan News Agency