Ontario cottage country town declares state of emergency due to flooding

Ottawa, The small Muskoka-area community of Bracebridge, Ontario has declared a state of emergency following days of heavy rain that have caused rivers and lakes to swell.

Authorities in the cottage town, about 200 kilometers northeast of Toronto, said water volumes have ballooned beyond levels reached in 2013, the last time a state of emergency was declared, due to wet spring weather.

“We don’t want anybody getting hurt,” Mayor Graydon Smith said in an interview with CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning.

Smith told a news conference Wednesday morning that residents should not assume things will improve in the coming days, adding that emergency service workers would be canvassing in the Springdale Shores area, along the North Branch Muskoka River, to help people there leave their homes.

The flooding emergency was declared in order to get the public’s attention and make it clear that the situation is more than a typical spring thaw, Smith said.

“This is something way outside the normal margins. Unfortunately, we thought 2013 was a 100-year event, and here we are six years later,” he said.

Media outlets showed photos of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudu and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau helping his country’s armed forces filling sandbags in Gatineau, Que.

Source: Jordan News Agency