Oil prices continue fall in Asia

Amman, Oil prices in Asia dropped on Thursday, extending falls from the previous session amid surging U.S. crude inventories and the negative impact on the global economy of the U.S.�China trade war.

According to Reuters, the price of light sweet crude for July delivery dropped from 35 cents to $ 61.07 to electronic exchanges in Asia.

The North Sea Brent, the European delivery in July, dropped from 43 cents to 70.56 dollars.

Oil prices fell Wednesday after rising inventory of dirty and refined products in the United States.

London crude oil Brent closed $ 1.19 near Tuesday. In New York, the light sweet crunch of New York lost $ 1.71.

The US Energy News Agency reported that crude oil inventories increased in the week ending May 17 for 4.7 million barrels, fuel at 3.7 million barrels and Other processing products of 800,000 barrels, much larger than expected.

Source: Jordan News Agency