NPC to dig 3 new wells to raise Jordan’s gas production

Amman, Jordan’s National Petroleum Company (NPC) plans to dig three new wells to increase the production of Risha field from 9 million cubic feet (mcf) of natural gas to 16 mcf to raise contribution of local resources of the kingdom’s daily needs of gas, a statement by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said Monday.

The NPC, which is self-financed and depends on its resources from the revenues of selling Risha field natural gas, will continue exploring more fields without the need of any foreign investor, stressing the discovery of the “Risha Field’s Well 48” was a result of “the efforts and expertise of Jordanian employees working at company.

The ministry confirms that the NPC operates alone in the field, which currently produces about 5 percent of the Kingdom’s total daily consumption of natural gas.

Commenting on agreements with world drilling companies, the statement said the relationship with British Petroleum (BP) has been stalled since 2014 and the agreement with “APG” was terminated in January 2017, making the full rights and privileges in the Risha field confined to the NPC, which relies on the wealth of its technical information accumulated over the past decades.

The ministry commended the efforts of the national oil cadres and the achievements made on the ground, calling on the field’s workers to proceed with the company’s action plan to contribute to the energy supply security and reduce the energy bill on the national economy.

The NPC, established in June 1995, has a current capital of 15 million dinars and signed in 1996 a concession agreement with the government for the Risha area for 50 years. The number of wells drilled in the concession area since its establishment and by the Natural Resources Authority (NRA) hit 45 wells, 15 of which are currently producing gas.

Source: Jordan News Agency