Netanyahu pushes law to uphold his immunity

Ramallah, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, plans to advance a bill that would allow the Knesset and government ministers to ignore rulings of the High Court of Justice in administrative matters, according to Haaretz website.

The proposed law would permit the annulment of a High Court decision to rescind Netanyahu’s immunity, if such a decision is made, in an attempt to safeguard his immunity from prosecution in the three cases of corruption he is currently facing.

Such legislation would essentially neutralize the Supreme Court in its capacity as the High Court of Justice � something Netanyahu has never publicly supported � by turning its decisions into suggestions instead of legally binding rulings, Haaretz added.

By restoring the Immunity Law to the way it was until 2005, the attorney general would have to appear before the Knesset and explain why he wants to rescind an MK’s immunity, whereupon the Knesset House Committee can reject his request.

Source: Jordan News Agency