Murderer of four-year old Nibal arrested

Amman, The Public Security Department has announced the end of the investigation into the killing of four-year old Nibal after the murderer was arrested.

Spokesperson of the PSD said in a statement on Sunday that the concerned teams in the four-year-old girl’s murder had completed all investigations, identified the killer and arrested him.

The child went missing on Wednesday after she failed to return home, but police found her body in the basement of a building near her home in Zarqa yesterday.

Following investigations, the killer, a juvenile from the same building, was arrested, the spokesperson said, noting that the minor admitted to killing the child.

Protesters late on Saturday attempted to set fire to the building where the young girl’s body was found and pelted stones a security force in the area injuring two people.

The spokesperson urged the public not to spread rumors or commit negative practices when such incidents occur as they hamper work of security agencies and harm the victim and his family.

Source: Jordan News Agency