Mubaideen stresses need for governors to follow up on developmental ventures

Interior Minister Sameer Mubaideen Thursday underlined the need for governors to follow up on the workflow of service and developmental projects at public institutions and departments, assess shortcomings and hold those negligent accountable.

The minister made his remarks during a meeting that brought together directors of the Public Security, Gendarmerie, Civil Defense departments and a number of governors and officials.

He, moreover, emphasized the importance for governors to follow up on executive directors in order to expedite tendering procedures related to governorates councils.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the state’s bodies at all levels remain committed to the success of the decentralization whose advancement requires collective effort.

Mubaideen highlighted the significance of sustaining mutual coordination among governors and governorates’ security councils for the success of work system.

He also listened to comments of the security agencies’ chiefs and governors regarding their work and future plans towards better serving citizens and address their needs.

Source: Jordan News Agency