Muasher meets German business delegation

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State, Rajai Muasher, met on Thursday with a delegation of German business leaders accompanying German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her official visit to Jordan.

During the meeting, Muasher discussed with the delegation means of boosting economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Muasher expressed Jordan’s appreciation for Germany’s support and assistance to Jordan, as this EU member state has become one of the biggest supporters of Jordan’s development process and contributes to the implementation of many projects in vital sectors such as water, energy, education and infrastructure.

Muasher said Germany is Jordan’s largest trading EU partner, and affirmed there are opportunities and wider areas to boost trade exchange and increase Jordanian exports to the German market.

Muasher praised Germany’s support to Jordan in the implementation of the agreement with the EU to simplify rules of origin.

Muasher reviewed the economic challenges facing Jordan in light of the high debt burdens, the budget deficit, and unemployment, and said the unstable regional conditions led to the closure of borders and traditional markets, aggravated by the flow of refugees, which exacerbated the economic woes.

Muasher said the Jordanian dinar is stable and noted the Central Bank of Jordan has sufficient reserves of foreign currencies.

On the refugee crisis, he said the response of the international community to cover the cost of hosting refugees is still below “the desired level,” and noted Jordan fulfills its humanitarian and national obligations in welcoming about 1.3 million Syrian refugees and other similar waves from several countries.

Muasher said Jordan, by virtue of its geographic location, expertise and qualified manpower, can be a gateway for countries and companies wishing to contribute to the reconstruction in Syria and Iraq.

On future economic steps, he highlighted the Kingdom’s investment environment and the government’s resolve to revive the public and private sectors’ partnership for the implementation of service and infrastructure projects, an opportunity for the German companies to take part in their implementation.

He highlighted the “promising” opportunities and areas for cooperation between Jordan and Germany in the sectors of water, renewable energy and vocational and technical training.

For their part, the delegation stressed their desire to look into Jordan’s investment opportunities and voiced their interest in reconstruction projects in the region.

On boosting cooperation, they proposed holding a conference in Germany to spur German investors to flock Jordan and benefit from the free trade agreements signed between Jordan and many world countries, and stressed the importance of conducting an assessment of Jordan’s energy and infrastructure sectors’ strategies.

Source: Jordan News Agency