Muasher: Gov’t will not resort to borrowing to pay employees’ salaries

Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Al-Muasher denied that the government will resort to borrowing to pay the salaries of the employees.

Muasher told a meeting of the committee of ministers in charge of discussing amendments to the tax law on Sunday, that the salaries of the employees come from the state’s current revenues, and it is unreasonable to resort to borrowing to pay these salaries.

During the meeting, which was attended by Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghneimat, Minister of State for Legal Affairs Mubarak Abu Yamin and Minister of State for Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa al-Maaytah, Muasher stressed the need to reach a stage in which current expenditure are covered by local revenues.

The deputy premier said that dialogue is the only way to reach understandings on drafting a fair income tax law, adding that the government decided to pursue this path to reach such understandings.

The minister of finance stressed that the current expenditures, through which the salaries of employees are paid, should come from local revenues, and that the best way to achieve an increase in revenues is to accelerate the pace of economic growth.

He noted that the state budget includes a deficit of more than JD800 million if the budget of independent institutions is added.

Source: Jordan News Agency