Momani urges transparent access of media outlets to information

Amman, Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani, who is also government spokesperson, stressed the importance of coordination and cooperation with media organizations and provide them with the information they ask to reach the public opinion in a transparent and clear manner.

Momani made his remarks during a meeting with media spokespersons on Sunday, who briefed them on the latest policies and plans on the national arena.

Momani said the media spokespersons should take the initiative and provide the media outlets with information on the services extended to citizens.

On the draft Income Tax Law, he stressed the need to clarify the facts related to this bill and block promotion of false reports on it.

He said the draft law increased penalties imposed on tax evaders, taking into account the middle and poor classes, and noted value of the tax rate takes the form of an upward rise as the income increases.

The value of taxes collected from citizens, he affirmed, is spent on the services provided to them in various fields.

Source: Jordan News Agency