Medical staff performs complicated orthopedic surgery

Amman A medical crew performed orthopedic surgeries at Prince Rashid Ben Al-Hasan Military Hospital in Irbid that made a quantum leap in the nature of surgeries performed at the hospital.

The director of the hospital, Mohammed Al-Ajlouni, said that these operations are complex operations for patients who had suffered injuries in the upper limbs. The efforts of the medical staff focused on ending the suffering of these patients in the hospital rather than transferring them to Al-Hussein Medical Center.

The leading orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Saeb Mestrihi, the head of the medical team who performed the operations, said that “we performed a bone calcification operation on a patient who could not move his elbow joint due to an accident.” The doctor added that another procedure was conducted to release one of the nerves of the upper limb and transfer some tendons and muscles to offset the poor functioning of a nerve.

For the first time, the hospital carried out the process of arthroscopy on a patient suffering from a ligament injury in the wrist, which was successful, he noted.

Source: Jordan News Agency