Media, education, and industry ministers hold press briefing…1st, final add

For his part, Minister of Education, Tayseer Nuaimi, said the decision to suspend schools came within the framework of government’s precautionary measures to preserve safety of students and teachers in this exceptional circumstance the country is facing.

The minister said school suspension does not mean stopping the educational process, indicating the Ministry’s keenness to ensure the right of students to schooling.

The Ministry, he said, will start broadcasting lessons for General Secondary Education Certificate Examination ” Tawjihi ” for the second semester through the 2nd sports channel of Jordan TV, starting from Tuesday, indicating airing the lessons will be according to a schedule that the ministry will announce for this purpose.

The Ministry will also start from next Sunday, activating the electronic platform on the link, with the aim of enabling students from the first to twelfth grades to browse the electronic content for the second semester, he pointed out.

The process of browsing the online platform will not incur any costs for students or parents, but will be borne by the government in full, he said, adding the ministry will announce a set of guidelines for students and parents in this regard.

For his part, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tareq Hammouri, said we have a “comfortable and safe” stockpile of all basic food commodities.

Some basic food commodities are available in quantities sufficient for a year, and the rest for two years, he said, adding some foodstuffs are produced locally, a part of which is exported abroad and available continuously as the movement of goods is continuing by land, sea and air.

He said:” We do not have any fear of the stockpiles at all, and we urge buyers to take into account the validity periods and safe storage conditions.”

“The trade ministry is making arrangements in the long term, and we are always preparing ourselves for enough stockpiles for long periods, whether there is a crisis or no,” he noted.

Source: Jordan News Agency