Lower House committee, British envoy discuss regional developments

The Lower House’s Foreign Affairs Committee and British Ambassador to Jordan Edward Oakden, Tuesday, held a meeting in Amman to affirm Jordanian-British ties and to discuss latest tensions between Iran and the U.S.

Head of the Committee, MP Raed Khazaleh, said that the meeting underscored the necessity of reaching a settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, noting Britain’s important role in the region and its position on its issues.

Khazaleh highlighted the importance of settling the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the world should address the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in accordance with resolutions of the international legitimacy.

In turn, Oakden said that his country is leaving the European Union (EU) by the end of the year and so it will be leaving the institution of the EU but not Europe, stressing that his country will still be close to EU member states.

He underscored that Britain agrees with the EU that Iran should remain in the nuclear deal.

As for the recent Iran-U.S. tensions, he called for de-escalation and urged Iran to act “in a civilized way in supporting Iraq as an independent and stable country.”

On the Palestinian cause, the ambassador said that his country does not see eye to eye with the U.S. Administration on the so-called “Deal of the Century,” but supports the two-state solution and the right of return for refugees, and for occupied Jerusalem to be a shared capital as this would be the most sustainable solution.

Source: Jordan News Agency