KOICA alumni annual forum kicks off

Amman, The annual forum of graduates of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA) programs opened in Amman on Monday in a gathering organized by the KOICA Alumni Association of Jordan (KAAJ).

The gathering aims to boost communication between KAAJ members and officials, and to share the knowledge and expertise that participants had acquired through their participation in training programs with various government institutions and the local community.

Ministry of Water and Irrigation Secretary General Ali Soboh said in opening remarks that KOICA had a key role in supporting and developing vital and key sectors in Jordan, and providing the necessary training programs that positively reflect on the lives of Jordanians.

He stressed the importance of transferring knowledge from South Korea to Jordan, especially in the field of water management.

Soboh said that Jordan is bearing the pressure placed by the Syrian refugee crisis, adding that the Kingdom is looking for more cooperation in the future with KOICA in the various sectors.

The South Korean consul at the embassy said that Jordan and South Korea have had excellent relations since they established diplomatic relations 56 years ago, and that the two countries are keenly interested in further developing and advancing cooperation.

KAAJ president Bahjat Adwan said the association has been working in the Kingdom since 2013 with the aim of providing special assistance in regions hardest hit by poverty, adding that the agency had provided aid to Jordan for building schools and health centers and in water, energy and information technology projects.

Source: Jordan News Agency