King meets Jordanian media delegation invited to attend Templeton Prize Ceremony

Washington, DC, His Majesty King Abdullah II, met Monday with the Jordanian media delegation invited to attend the Templeton Prize Ceremony to celebrate His Majesty’s intra- and interfaith initiatives in Washington, DC, on Tuesday.

At the meeting, King Abdullah expressed condolences to the families of the victims of the recent flashfloods that hit areas around the Kingdom.

His Majesty reaffirmed his pride in and appreciation for civil defence, public security, armed forces, and gendarmerie personnel who worked day and night to rescue people.

The King also thanked the civilians who helped state agencies in the rescue operations, noting that these efforts are a source of pride and affirm the true mettle of Jordanians.

The meeting covered the Templeton Prize, which His Majesty will receive in recognition of his efforts to promote interfaith harmony, safeguard Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, and protect religious freedoms.

The King said the prize reflects how much the world appreciates Jordan’s role, expressing pride that Jordan is a model of moderation, harmony and coexistence.

This is the image of Jordan worldwide, His Majesty affirmed, noting that it recognises Jordanian initiatives such as the Amman Message, A Common Word, and the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Discussions also covered a number of domestic issues, as well as regional developments.

Adviser to His Majesty and Director of the Office of His Majesty Manar Dabbas, and Jordan’s Ambassador in Washington, DC, Dina Kawar attended the meeting.

Source: Jordan News Agency