King continues meetings with US Congress

Washington, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday said Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah, is “a true partner” for peace and progress.

In remarks to the press on Capitol Hill before her meeting alongside the US House Leadership with King Abdullah, Speaker Pelosi said Congress looks to benefit from “the breadth of His Majesty’s knowledge” and his wisdom when working for prosperity, security, and peace in the Middle East; countering terrorism globally and regionally, and advancing the region’s economy to bring prosperity for its people.

Speaker Pelosi welcomed His Majesty to the US House of Representatives, noting that she has worked with Jordan’s leadership over 25 years “as an appropriator, as a leader, as a speaker, and it’s just remarkable to see the depth of our friendship”.

She also highlighted Jordan’s role in hosting refugees.

“I particularly want to thank His Majesty for what I saw when bringing a delegation to Jordan, where many of my colleagues have seen the hospitality and generosity extended by His Majesty and Her Majesty and the people of Jordan to the refugees from Syria,” Speaker Pelosi said.

Also speaking to the press, the King noted the strong, strategic partnership between Jordan and the United States, as the two countries celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties, during which they have dealt with mutual challenges in the region and further afield.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank not only the Hill, but the American people for all the support that we have gotten in Jordan with all of the challenges we have had in the region, not only with the major burden of the refugee crisis but also fighting together, shoulder to shoulder,” to counter terrorism, His Majesty said.

“On behalf of the Jordanian people, thank you, Ma’am, this august body, and the people of the United States for all the support that you have given us,” the King added.

Source: Jordan News Agency