King continues meetings with US Congress…2nd and final add

For his part, Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska), member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programmes, said there is a great deal of respect for His Majesty on Capitol Hill.

“The way in which he represents the Jordanian people before America; the leadership role he has in creating the conditions, possibility, the imagination that is necessary for peace in the Middle East; the briefings, the conversations, the dialogue that we have with His Majesty are extraordinarily beneficial to us and it only strengthens the American-Jordanian partnership,” Representative Fortenberry said.

The King’s efforts, he continued, project “for the world that there are good people” who have been “acting courageously with strong leadership to work through the hardest, messiest, twisted difficult problems”.

“We very much rely on His Majesty’s wisdom and insights,” Representative Fortenberry added, noting that Jordan is most affected by regional conditions.

“We learn a tremendous amount from him and have a great deal of respect for his insights,” he added.

The US lawmaker also noted Jordan’s “indispensable” role in the Middle East peace process, stressing that it “cannot be replaced”.

Jordan’s ability to project leadership on the world stage is a reflection of the character of the Jordanian people and His Majesty’s leadership, Representative Fortenberry added.

Noting that “the American-Jordanian relationship remains strong”, he said the United States needs “Jordan to be the stabilizing influence in the Middle East”, and needs its feedback and help to navigate difficulties throughout the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Source: Jordan News Agency