King chairs part of Cabinet meeting..1st & Final Add

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz pointed out that since its formation, the government has begun to list the main themes contained in the letter of designation, stressing that his government’s commitment to achieving reforms and development programs during the first 100 days of its formation.

He also stressed that the government will work to implement a package of measures to stimulate the economy and provide employment opportunities. Razzaz pointed out that the government will focus on improving the quality of services, especially in the sectors of education, health and transportation.

The prime minister indicated the commitment of the government to communicating with the citizens, pointing out that the government will create platforms to receive complaints and suggestions of citizens.

He also affirmed the government’s commitment to political reform to develop the political life, underlining the government’s support for the armed forces and security agencies to maintain the security and safety of the homeland and citizens.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Rajai Muasher said that, based on Royal directives to hold a national dialogue on the income tax draft law, the Ministerial Committee held meetings with all sectors to reach consensus on a strong and fair bill and achieve social justice.

Source: Jordan News Agency