Kazakhstan’s envoy stresses close cooperation with Jordan

Kazakhstan’s ambassador to Jordan, Aidarabek Tumatov, Thursday underlined the ‘close cooperation’ between his country and Jordan in various fields, including parliamentary cooperation.


In a press conference to discuss the elections of the Lower Chamber of Kazakhstani Parliament, slated for next Sunday, Tumatov said: “The parliamentary friendship committee between the two countries will be restored following the Kazakhstani parliamentary elections due to the importance of this committee in strengthening parliamentary relations as well as bilateral ties.” Relations between the two countries are witnessing growth and development in various fields under the guidance of the leaderships of the two countries, he also noted.


Tumatov pointed out that deputies of local legislative assemblies throughout the republic will also be elected according to party lists, pointing to the 2019 political reforms, which aimed at strengthening guarantees of equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of gender, class or age to participate in the political process as a voter or candidate, strengthen democratic institutions and procedures and conduct elections in accordance with the highest standards.


He said that 400 observers from different countries, including Jordan, have been registered to monitor these elections, pointing out that Kazakhstanis residing in Jordan will cast their votes at the embassy according to the measures taken to ensure public safety, such as wearing face masks and social distancing.


Source: Jordan News Agency