Karak’s Wadi bin Hammad lures in tourists, adventure seekers

The Wadi bin Hammad gorge and hot springs in the southern governorate of Karak, some 130km south of Amman, have become a key destination for local tourists, adventure seekers and hikers following the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown.


Despite steep and rough terrain, the area, which rises only 45 meters above sea level, can be accessed by car. At the entrance of the canyon, a hot spring falls into an artificial pool, offering visitors the opportunity to indulge in mineral and therapeutic waters.


After the hot springs, visitors can treat themselves a 6-km trek down a lush world with hanging gardens, palms and ferns growing on both sides of the narrow gorge known for its colored rocks and waterfalls.


Local officials noted an uptick in arrivals to the area, some 31Km north of Karak, and always said it is one of the Kingdom’s natural wonders. Sa’ad-Allah Ma’aytah, director of the Wadi bin Hammad ecological society, told Petra that the area is “a healthy escape to those seeking recreation, adventure and camping.


However, he said further investments are required in the area and this includes the development, lighting and expansion of the winding road leading to the canyon in order to attract more visitors and boost accessibility.


Source: Jordan News Agency