JSMO announces lab test results of imported and locally refined gasoline

Amman, Gasoline tests conducted at a Swiss international laboratory (SGS) showed that the level of manganese in imported gasoline meets Jordanian technical base requirements, according to Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) Director General Rula Madanat.

She said tests of manganese levels in an imported gasoline sample was less than 0.1mg per litre, while the allowed ratio of the technical base is 2 mg per litre. However, the tests indicated a high percentage of iron added to imported gasoline, she said, adding that the Jordanian technical base does not limit the percentage of iron used as an additive to gasoline.

They also showed that manganese levels in gasoline refined locally at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company was 24 mg per litre of 90-octane gas, which does not comply with the requirements of the Jordanian technical base, while 95-octane gas contains 1 mg of manganese, which meets Jordanese technical base requirements, Madanat said.

Based on the lab tests, she said, a series of meetings will be held this week to discuss the findings and the prospect of amending the technical base to control iron and manganese levels in imported and locally refined gasoline.

Source: Jordan News Agency