Jordanian Foreign Minister: Protecting and stabilizing Iraq is a basic pillar of the region’s security

Amman, The Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, said that protecting Iraq and supporting its security and stability is a priority for Jordan and a pillar of regional security.

Al-Safadi stressed during a press conference today in the capital, Amman, with his German counterpart, Haikou Maas, the necessity of dialogue and reducing escalation in the region that witnesses great and escalating challenges, explaining that any escalation will have a serious impact on the Middle East, Europe and the world.

He pointed to his country’s cooperation with the German side in combating terrorism, bypassing regional crises and achieving security, explaining that the war against the ISIS terrorist organization still exists, especially that the organization poses a security and ideological threat.

For his part, Maas stressed that Germany is following events in Iran, and that the Iranians have the right to express their opinion without fear and to confront violence and deal with transparency, calling on Iran not to interfere in the internal affairs of countries, especially Iraq.

He pointed out that Germany had indicated to Iraq the importance of the efforts of the international forces in combating terrorism, demanding that international forces not be withdrawn from Iraq so that it would not be fertile ground for terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency